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On this day, Saturday May 28, 2011, The Enchanting Beauty a Fansite for Snow White and the Huntman went online with its very first post.  

It was nothing fancy.  But after the long slog of staying up working until 4am day after day to get links, stories, apps, widgets and any information about SWATH, it finally happened.   Our very first post.
Read it in full here  

Saturday, May 28, 2011
The Reelz Channel Takes a Look at the Dueling Snow Whites


Outside of Deadline reporting if Viggo Mortensen would or would not do SWATH and the rumors about Kristen Stewart becoming Snow White, there were really no stories about SWATH out there.

Boy, those days were hard going.  Being the very first fansite for something that no one was tweeting, blogging or talking about made it lonely for a while...and then...

...we were contacted by Snow White.Org, a Hungarian SWATH fansite and our very first affiliate.  They came online and found us.  Once that happened, we knew that SWATH was being notice worldwide...finally.  We knew that there was someone out in the world who believed in SWATH just like us.  

Today, everyone tweets, blogs and reports about SWATH.  Websites like Celebuzz and Syfy have special SWATH features.

  SWATH is now everywhere!

And now with 1,700 posts later, we've come a long way baby!

All we ever wanted to do is support this wonderful project.  No fancy bells and whistles.  Just report the facts and events as they happen and give insights to the fans about the cast and crew.  

We don't have a huge staff like most sites, however we get by just fine. Now with so much being written, we can make the editorial choices necessary to give fans what is most important about SWATH which is the bottom line.  

I, Dancerone, would like to thank all the support we have received from our friends, family and readers.  I would like to thank all of the cast and crew who have followed us from the beginning and have had the pleasure of communicating with throughout this past year.  I have received some lovely messages from you and I thank you. 

Thank you for sharing your filming experience with us that we could pass it along to fans.  The memories of you working in the cold, rain, mud, being trampled (not literally) by horses, losing cell phones, rehearsals, working all-nighters etc...  
Thanks for sharing it all. 

It's has been an honor and a pleasure meeting everyone although not in person but you made this a joy. 

I would like to thank Universal Pictures for providing us official information to be disseminated to the fans when needed.

I would like to thank Producer Palak Patel who answered questions and provided information about production, when he could, in the early days of 
pre-production.  Good luck with OZ!

Thanks to all of the set soldiers.  Thank you for sharing your photographs and your experiences.  You were even lucky enough to see a bit of filming too! You all were fantastic.

Thanks to CheerMom, my right friend who runs from teaching Zumba class all sweaty just to write and post the hot topic of the day.   Thanks to MalenaCasey for being so supportive from the beginning. 


We love this project.  We created this site because we do truly love it and for no other reason.  

So, in a couple more days our dreams will come true. We will see our film on the big screen...finally.  

We cannot wait to see those haunting trees that were being built or the guys at Combat International or all the stunt guys and gals, the doubles and stand-ins, extras, the props, the costumes....oh just everything.  
 We get to see it all and we were there every step of the way.  

Thanks for all the support.  Now go out and see and support Snow White and the Huntsman because it's a good project, unique and it just kicks ass!

Thanks to you all and here's to a sequel!! 

Creator/Chief Administrator/Editor 
The Enchanting Beauty ~ Snow White & 
the Huntsman Fansite   


  1. Awww...You guys are awesome! I check this site almost everyday for news. You are always quick on the draw. Funny that you guys went online on May 28th - same day as my birthday. Happy birthday to the both of us!

    - Unique Jenique

  2. Thank you and Happy Birthday to you too!!


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