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50 Shades of Grey author E L James tweeted today that casting options are still open, "We are so far away from casting the Fifty films ... no-one ruled is out... no one is ruled in. Just so you know."

A change of heart? 

Is Kristen Stewart out as Anastasia Steele? According to 50 Shades of Grey author EL James she is, but really?

Celebuzz reports that although James initially based her 50 Shades characters Steele and Christian Grey on the  Twilight characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen played by Stewart and Robert Pattinson, she says that Stewart and Pattinson would not be good for these characters.  At least that is her opinion.

"I think it would be too strange." "It would just be .. Uggh weird!"

Weird?  James has to understand that both Stewart and Pattinson are actors first with great onscreen chemistry. How is that weird?  Is she forgetting that both Stewart and Pattinson's performance in Twilight is what inspired her to create Steele and Grey?  The only thing weird about this is her answer.

James states, "The characters [Steele and Grey] grew; they started that way and developed into completely their own people. It was fascinating getting to know them and know them very well. I didn’t see an outline straight away; I had no idea where these books were going to go. I just went with them. As I go to know them they grew a life of their own." 

No matter what direction she decided to take the characters, the inspiration for the characters are the same individuals that inspired her.  

What James needs to understand is that filmmaking is a different animal than writing a novel.  The words must be translated on screen by the actor, therefore casting and chemistry of the actors are important.  You can want who you want, but if they do not have a believable chemistry to the audience, then the movie will fail.  

Stephenie Meyer also had her choices of who she thought should play Bella and Edward.  Twilight fans thank God her choices did not work out otherwise they could have been looking at John Stamos as Laurent. 

That's right James, totally dismiss two people who already have built-in on screen chemistry that the public can believe along with a huge fan base.  Even if they would not be selected, you just do not totally dismiss what is known to work. 

"Uggh foolish!


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