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For the third week in a row, SWATH is holding strong as a 2D film leading at the Italian box office ahead of the rebooted Spiderman bringing in $8,304,570 million (US).  

SWATH began its worldwide release on June 1st over eight weeks ago in the midst of a tough summer  blockbuster season where IMAX and 3D movies rule. 

SWATH has hauled in a total worldwide box office in the amount of $381,737,401 million as of July 22nd (all countries not included) .

A SWATH a sequel is currently the works with David Koepp (Spiderman, Mission Impossible) being commissioned to write the script.  Although there has been speculation that this film will feature the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) more so than Snow White (Kristen Stewart), there has been no official word from Universal that this will be the direction the film will take.  But would it be a good one?

The chemistry between the two characters is what made the first film special particularly at the end of the film.  The dynamics of where the two will lead are what fans are anticipating.  To have the film mainly be about the Huntsman could make it look like 'Thor' in medieval times.  Will the fans buy it?     

The direction of the relationships between Snow White, the Huntsman and the Prince (Sam Claflin) is what will make the sequel interesting.  If any character was to be featured more, it should be the dwarves.  But time will tell which way the script will go. 

SWATH is still in theaters, however the DVD can be pre-ordered here.   

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