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Kristen knows what it means...what it means to the fans, to her cast and to herself... 

SWATH's Kristen Stewart, along with her Twilight castmates, were a little emotional when faced with their final Twilight panel at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2.  It was the last Comic-Con for the cast and filmmakers.  

Summit Entertainment (now Lionsgate) began its opening by remembering a fallen Twilight fan (TwiFanG) and then proceeded to give the fans something special.  They went out with a bang, according to all accounts.  

Director Bill Condon was unable to attend (completing the score for the final film in London), however producer and author Stephenie Meyer made her return to Comic-Con since 2008 along with 27 cast members. Yes, 28 people on a Comic-Con stage and it wasn't a Batman, Harry Potter or a Star Wars film.  It was Twilight.  

"Impressive.  Most impressive. Obi Wan taught you well." 
~ Darth Vader

The staging was so impressive that Josh Dickey of Variety tweeted, "I have never seen this many people onstage. 28 in all. ‪#SDCC‬ ‪#TWILIGHT."


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Summit presented two video clips.  One clip was 7 minutes in length showing the beginning of the film.  Again, Dickey was impressed tweeting, "No BS, coolest thing I saw today was Bella tackling and snuffing the mountain lion. F*cking mountain lion! Sticky image, well-shot. ‪#SDCC‬." 

The second clip was Bella encountering Jacob for the first time.  Read more about the panel appearance here


Kristen has made no bones about loving this project particularly giving her acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards this June after The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 upset The Hunger Games and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 for Movie of the Year.  She was upset with interviewers during the SWATH press junket who kept asking her if she was happy that Twilight was over.  Her response to them was to, "Shut up!" 

Becoming Bella Swan was never about money or making a blockbuster film for Kristen, it was the story.  A love story. She loves Twilight.  She wanted to get the films right so they had to follow the book.  Condon jokingly calls her the "Twilight-book Nazi" which sort of makes Kristen the ultimate Twihard.     

Twilight, a mere indie film - yes an indie with an extremely modest budget, began its magic after a meeting Kristen had at Director Catherine Hardwicke's home to audition a lead actor.  The rest is Bella and Edward history.  

Making history has been an ongoing theme for The Twilight Saga's cast, directors and the crew.  According to The Wrap, they have made The Twilight Saga the most profitable blockbuster franchise in the history of film, helped revive the film soundtrack industry and almost single handily saved the Hot Topic franchise with the selling of Twilight merchandise.   

It has been breaking box office records since 2008 and that is without being a 3D IMAX film. It is also listed in the Guiness Book of World RecordsIt is a Hollywood phenom.

After Comic-Con 2008, the media and the Comic-Con traditionalists could not get their head around who these females (called "teens") were, camping in line to take up "space" in the famous "Hall H".  

Since then, there has been a concerted effort by the media to protect the "geek" and "fanboy" world from those evil "teenagers" called "Twihards".  Truth be told, the majority of Twilight fans have never been just teenagers.  We guess the campers interviewed during these events just didn't give them a clue.  

Over the years, the media and bloggers have written degrading and demeaning articles about Twilight, the book, film, fans, cast and crew; attempt pit fandom against fandom mainly with Harry Potter and Hunger Games fans;  called the fans all types of vulgar names both in articles, on Twitter and in blogger comment areas even though they are fully aware they were speaking about a fanbase that is majority female; twist the Twilight story into a type of psychological evaluation about abusive relationships in an attempt to prevent people from supporting the films and books; dismiss it as a joke and not to be given any respect because the protagonist is a teenage girl; and be harassed and even threatened by distinguished Hollywood actors.

(Note: 'Breaking Dawn Part 1' closed after 98 days of non-IMAX 3D release and has made $705,058,657 million worldwide while 'The Hunger Games' is still open in theaters after 111 days of an IMAX but non-3D release and has made $680,352,725 million worldwide 
~Box Office Mojo~ 

George Takei, "Mr. Sulu" of Star Trek fame, went on a Facebook campaign directing rivaled Star Wars and Star Trek fans to band together and attack Twilight fans because he does not like Twilight.  So far, it does not appear that the campaign succeeded. 

Twilight fans have withstood the ire of what could be considered just plain ol' jealousy and envy of its unexpected success.  It is a film that did not need a quarter of a million dollars of special effects in order for it to make nearly a billion per movie worldwide. 

('New Moon' is the highest grossing Twilight film which has made $709,827,462 million worldwide ~ Box Office Mojo)

Since 2008 without any costumes or superheroes or fancy spaceships or magic spells, the Twilight fans faithfully returned to Comic-Con to support what they love - Twilight.  

November 16th will be here before you know it.  The premiere for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 may be the premieres of all the premieres.  But no matter what, the Twihards will file into the theater for the last time to see the final chapter of Bella and Edward...maybe shed a few tears and just know that...

...they made history. 
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