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Danielle Mason, reporter for The Guardian Express, has told us that she will be updating (read the article at her report to update the Jacobson confirmation.  The original Zap2It report stands as the only confirmed source that Sam has the role. 

Zap2It reports that their sources have indicated that Sam has received the coveted role in the next Hunger Games film Catching Fire.  Other media outlets are reporting that it is "unconfirmed".

Sam has not been on Twitter to confirm or deny the report.  Lionsgate still has not officially confirmed that Sam has the role as 'Finnick Odair' as well.  

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@SamClaflinFans have secured a report from The Guardian Express confirming that Sam Claflin is 'Finnick' in the next installment of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

The Guardian is reporting that they confirmed the casting from Producer "Nina Jackson".  However, the producer's last name is "Jacobson".  

We do not know if this is a typo due to the excitement of maybe having the scoop.  But if this is true, this is a huge get for Sam and we are so proud of him!


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