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Finally SWATH gets the recognition that fans have been waiting for since its June 1st opening.  In other words, finally giving SWATH its props...its just due. 

SWATH was supreme among the sea of 3D IMAX summer blockbusters which opened in June.  Being only a 2D film, Box Office Mojo reports that SWATH was one of the films that topped the $50 million mark making $56.2 million in its opening weekend.  It also came in second overall with a total $144.3 million domestically only to the mega children's 3D IMAX hit Madagascar which made $176.5 million.  Afro Circus just could not be beat.

SWATH beat out highly touted 3D IMAX Prometheus (considered Ridley Scott's Alien comeback film) which came in a disappointing 4th only making $116.7 million.  Brave came in 3rd with $121.4 million

BO Mojo states, "Its no Lord of the Rings for sure, but its on pace for a final tally around $155 million, which is admirable for this revisionist fairy tale. In comparison, the most recent Narnia movie and Universal's Robin Hood only earned $104.4 million and $105.3 million, respectively."

No, it's no LOTRs.  The story does not take up hundreds of pages in a novel but only a handful of pages in a children's fairy tale.  However, SWATH was placed on a grand scale visually; Colleen Atwood created costumes that are second to none in the industry; and the cast was top-notched which does rival LOTRs.  SWATH also has the potential to reach over $350 million worldwide in this competitive summer box office season.  Not bad, not bad at all.

So, congratulations to Universal and the entire cast and crew for the film's success.  Now, we're moving on to the sequel and the release of the DVD.

Read the rest of the June box office analysis here.

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  1. That's awesome! So proud of SWATH :)


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