Monday, October 1, 2012


Coming in at #19, Chris Hemsworth breaks the Top 20 out of 100 men in the annual Glamour UK 'Sexiest Men of the Year' poll.  See what Glamour UK writes about Chris below.

Kristen Stewart's well-known Twilight hunks made the poll as well.  Taylor Lautner makes it at #7 but Robert Pattinson wins it at #1 for the 4th year in a row. 

(Note: Twilight actor Kellan Lutz made the poll at #54 as well)  

Check out the rest of the poll here.

Glamour writes:

19. Chris Hemsworth 
 Age: 28 Single? 

Chris Hemsworth became one of Hollywood’s hottest dads, when his wife Elsa gave birth to a little girl. Sorry, ladies, this man’s definitely taken. See Him Next: 2013’s a busy year for this fella: he’s set to play racing ace James Hunt in Rush, there’s more Thor and Snow White And The Huntsman’s rumoured to be coming back for a sequel.

The top 20 of Glamour's 50 Sexiest Men for 2012: (Last year's position in brackets) 

1. Robert Pattinson (1) 
2. Tom Hiddleston (new entry) 
3. Johnny Depp (3) 
4. Michael Fassbender (31) 
5. Benedict Cumberbatch (33) 
6. Robert Downey Jr (re-entry) 
7. Taylor Lautner (2)
8. Paul Wesley (59) 
9. James McAvoy (14) 
10. Henry Cavill (15) 
11. Cory Monteith (29) 
12. Ian Somerhalder (25) 
13. Ed Westwick (21) 
14. Alexander Skarsgard (7) 
15. Joe Manganiello (41) 
16. Danny O'Donoghue (new entry) 
17. Ryan Gosling (46) 
18. Christian Bale (re-entry) 
19. Chris Hemsworth (37) 
20. Tom Hardy (47) 


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