Tuesday, October 23, 2012



The People's Choice Awards have announced the pre-nomination process where fans can vote for their favorite actor, singer, movie etc... to be placed in the final nominations in the world of entertainment.  

SWATH has been nominated in several categories.  SWATH actors have also been nominated in other categories.  Write-in nominees are acceptable.  So if you want a SWATH actor nominated, please write them in!!

Click on the links below to vote and let's get SWATH into the finals and keep voting!!

SWATH Nominations:

Favorite Movie: Snow White and the Huntsman Vote here

Favorite Movie Actor: No nominations Write-in here

Favorite Movie Actress:  Charlize Theron - Write-in Kristen Stewart Vote here

Favorite Action Movie:  Snow White and the Huntsman Vote here

Favorite Face of Heroism:  Kristen Stewart Vote here

Favorite On-Screen Chemistry:  Kristen Stewart/Chris Hemsworth Vote here

Favorite Song:  Write-in Breath of Life Vote here

Favorite Band:  Write-in Florence and the Machine Vote here

Other categories:

Favorite Action Movie Star:  Chris Hemsworth Vote here
Favorite Movie Superhero:  Chris Hemsworth Vote here
Favorite Movie Fan Following:  Twihards  Vote here



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