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Kristen Stewart answers questions winding down her final press junket for the last Twilight film Breaking Dawn - Part 2.  

She answered questions about her time from the first film to working with her co-stars.  See the complete Hypable transcript below along with videos of her being mentioned by Michael Sheen and Robert Pattinson.  Beware that her video is of her answering a question about the film. Spoiler alert. 


Robert Pattinson talking about being starstuck meeting Kristen as well as the Harry Potter trio:

Michael Sheen talking about Kristen as one of the good-looking cast members he was affaid to be around:

Source: Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood:  "@MsShaunRobinson: Kristen Stewart and I being completely dorky today! Fun interview as always! #BD2"

Hypable's Transcript of Kristen's Interview

Q: Bella's a tiger let out of a cage in this one. What was that like as an actres, especially doing it at the same time as BD 1 - so in one shoot you were caged, the next you weren't. 

Kristen: I was really lucky to have played human Bella for so long. The best aspects of every vampire, it's an enhanced version of when they were human. I got to take those steps for real, turning into a vamp. If you were to take the fact that she becomes a vampire completely away, this is just a more realized version of who she's been the whole time. It's why it touches so many people.

Kristen: It was also like breaking her in like a car, asking 'how fast? how fast can she go?' 

Q: What did you keep from the set? 

Kristen: I kept the rings. The rings ar ereally important to me. There was the moon ring, which is from the first film and reminds me of Catherine Hardwicke. And the wedding ring I have too. Other than that, Bella's not really into stuff. The rings are extremely important to me.

Q: For you, what was the moment when you raelized how big this thing was going to be? 

Kristen: it's grown so much, even recently. I don't know if we've ever - I've never realized the extent its gotten to. Comic Con for me was the first hit of human energy, and I knew this wasn't a normal movie. We've always approached Twilight - it felt like something very much our own. That first dose of sharing it with the fans was mind blowing. 

Kristen: The coolest thing about the job actually - when you like something together, you're going to like it more. I was excited that we were going places and incredibly overwhelmed. 

Q: Thanks for bringing such a realism to Bella Swan. Now that Bella's a vampire, you got to do kick ass stunt work. Talk about that. 

Kristen: I broke my thumb like the second day, it was a lot of fun though. I got a little taste of the stunt work when we were in Italy, physicality was so important then - then it became important again. What can I say.. I've been on the sidelines for so long, just itching to get involved as a vamp. So I was bursting to do it. And that's probably why I broke my thumb, I was overzealous. 

Q: I found it so cool, as a 14 year old, that 18 year old Bella is so young to be turned into a vamp. If you could pause your life at one age, what would it be? 

Kristen: I don't know - I haven't gotten to that point yet. I'm not sure, someone asked me recently and I couldn't answer it then either. 

K: I just haven't gotten to that point of wanting to pause life yet. 

Q: Along those same lines, I was wondering... Bella's journey, how did it parallel with your own journey? 

K: Without taking any of the truth out of this.. it's all sort of general. Like I was just saying, it's about that period: "Do I go with this, or is that crazy?" I think as an adult, the answer is "absolutely." You question yourself along the way, and you should never stop doing that. You should always question, push harder. I think it gets a little easier - I definitely feel a bit more realized - a lot more actually. It was just by chance we happen to be the same age. It's a tough one because she lives so many years. 

Q: How have these movies affected your film career going forward with new film choices? 

 K: I've always - a question that I can't answer, "What can you do next?" Doesn't make any sense because it's such an outsiders perspective.Things have fallen in my lamp, I've gotten incredibly - insanely lucky. If I could keep doing that I'll be a happy girl.It's always a pretty impulsive thing. You can read a fantastic script and it may not be in you to do. Without spoiling it: Kristen's talking about how the ending is romantic, and Bill really had his finger on it. 

Q: What was it like playing a mother? Did it change how you look at your own mom? 

K: I think that it might be something you're born with. Some people have really really strong, natural instincts to be a mom. That was one of my favorite parts of the story from day one. There was never much about that in the story. So having Stephenie Meyer there was helpful. 

 K: It didn't change much about me or view of my mother. But what better way to share vampire's animalistic nature than that. But I don't think.. I've always really felt I have a great relationship with my mom. That's just what it is. If I had an answer I would totally give it. 

K: I can't wait to be a mom... but I can wait (Laughter) 

Q: What bonds have the three of you formed that 10, 20 years from now only you will understand? 

K: Its nice to not be alone, we're in this together. We share the movies. Another really common question is, "What's it like to walk away from this?" Generally I don't have to walk away from anything. We hold this as we move on. I think Rob and Taylor feel the same way 

Q: Are you glad it's over? Finally? 

K: I'm so happy that the story is told, you have no idea. Usually you have five weeks, five months to look at a schedule. We had five years. So the fact that this thing is out and it's not weighing on us anymore - SUPER excited about that. Not that I'm glad it's over, I'm glad the story is now complete. 

K: It is sad, it is strange. But it's normal - things shouldn't stay. They've gotta move on. 

Q: Would you be open to doing another film series? 

K: Yeah. It depends, it's hard to sign on to something before you know. Q: Say they wanted you to sign on for something that's five films. Would you say yes? 

K: My guess is probably not, only because it's rare to find something that is this great. 

K: Never say never. 

Q: What would you like to give your character for the holiday? 

Kristen spent a lot of time thinking about the answer, asked the fansite ops who suggested a gift for Renesmee. 

Q: Would you like to live forever? 

K: No. 

Q: Has there ever been a question you wish the press asked you? 

K: No.. thankfully.


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