Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Kristen Stewart attended one of the biggest concert fund raisers in history tonight.  The Concert for Sandy Relief featured some of the biggest stars from all over the world. 

Stewart who was introduced by comedian/actor Billy Crystal spoke about the effect of the hurricane from the perspective of the statistical data then introduced a clip of Jon Bon Jovi talking about the devastation of his home town.  After the clip, she then introduced the rock group Bon Jovi who performed. See the video below.

The worldwide broadcast was constructed to raise funds for those effected by one of the worst hurricane storms to hit the east coast of the United States in years.  The storm destroyed the coastline and towns from New Jersey to New York and effected the other east coast cities as far south as Virginia to as north as Canada. 

The event featured many stars who either reside and/or grew up in the areas effected by the storm. NBC News Anchor Brian Williams a native from New Jersey who grew up at the Jersey shore spoke with actor Ben Stiller who spoke about how the storm effected his New York neighborhood where he resides.   

New York natives and associated entertainers which included what appeared to be the entire cast of The Sopranos were seen taking phone calls. Whoopie Goldberg,  P Diddy, Bruce Springsteen and Kanye West were just a few of the stars who either performed or participated in the concert. 

The concert began at 7:30 ET and was to last until 12am ET broadcast on television and radio stations around the world.

To donate, you can all 1-855-465-HELP or click on the 121212 site here and donate. 

Kristen Sandy Relief

Kristen Sandy relief


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