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Academy Award winner and nominee Colleen Atwood talks with the New York Times about her approach and the challenges of making the costumes for SWATH.

Both Snow White and the Huntsman wear, for the most part, the same costume throughout the film. But they go through a number of transitions in the costumes. 

“There was the challenge of making something that people can wear that long, that they can do a lot of action in, and that you don’t get sick of looking at,” Ms. Atwood said. 

Because the film has Snow White (Kristen Stewart) trudging through the woods and moving through water and dirt, the character didn’t need to be stuck in a long dress. The Huntsman cuts it off to allow for more freedom of movement. “I put leather leggings on her, kind of what guys wore in the period, under her dress,” she said. “Once he hacked off her dress, it gave it a hipper look. When you take a period and evoke something young people can relate to, they really connect with it.”

Read more here as Atwood talks more about the costumes for the queen and the huntsman.

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