Friday, March 15, 2013


Photo by Indiewire

Seriously, where's the punchline?  Sam Claflin, Robert Pattinson, Max Irons and Douglas Booth in the same movie together? Major eye candy.

Hopefully, the work will standout moreso than any looks because they are quite talented actors who will hopefully star in a film adaptation of a Laura Wade play named Posh, according to Indiewire.  

Claflin, Irons and Booth are reported to be in negotiations as Pattison begins talks to possibly join the project.  

Indiewire states that Posh will center around the "Bullingdon Club, an Oxford University institution (not unlike a fraternity)."  The characters are privileged frat boy types who have an affinity for partying and destructive behavior. "Wade's play focuses on the members of the Riot Club, whose meeting in a country pub ends in tragedy."

Posh will be directed by Lone Scherfig who directed An Education starring Carey Mulligan.


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