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Placing another actress in the action role remake of Snow White may not get you a $56 million dollar opening weekend. But with an actress like Kristen Stewart, it can get you there.

Forbes writes that Stewart along with actors like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Channing Tatum have the capability to do what few actors can in Hollywood which is to bring in a huge box office as long as the concept is right. 

"Unless you have one of the few movie stars who can open everything (Will Smith and Denzel Washinton), you need a concept that piques interest."  

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Snow White and the Huntsman was the right vehicle that brought along Stewart's vast Twilight fan base. 

"She [Stewart] succeeded where the likes of Charlize Theron (Aeon Flux), Halle Berry (Catwoman), and Jennifer Garner (Electra) did not. None of the above examples were good movies (and for that matter neither was Snow White and the Huntsman), but Stewart delivered her Twi-Hards over the opening weekend of her big movie for blockbuster numbers." 

Since no one looks to Forbes for film critiques, we will leave their SWATH comment aside (Read Roger Ebert's review).  But the point being that in this new age of film, having a strong segment of fans with the right project will make money.   

"Kristen Stewart may not turn On the Road or Adventureland into a blockbuster, but she has a huge fan base that flocked to see her in a medieval action fantasy that happened to be called Snow White. Again, it’s a matter of star and concept. Yes, it’s indeed unfair in that very few actresses will get the chance to headline their own franchise in this boy-centric era, no The Hunger Games was not sold on the “star power” of Winter’s Bone star Jennifer Lawrence, but Kristen Stewart got the opportunity and her fans supported her en masse."

"Dwayne Johnson understands that being a movie star in 2013 means more than just having your face on the poster, but rather having your face on the poster of a movie that people would probably want to see anyway. And while Stewart probably doesn’t care about such things (had she not starred in the highly divisive Twilight franchise, she’d probably be mostly well-regarded as an indie actress), she has the kind of, um… impressive fan base that turned Snow White and the Hunstman into a genuine blockbuster. That’s the kind of pure star power that’s all-too-rare in 2013 for any actor."

Forbes may be correct in saying that Stewart does not care about all the stardom, but she does care about her fans which they, in turn, support what she does no matter how much a film makes. 

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