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Back in July we introduced the more tough female SWATH-style that was being shown on the runways, now the LA Times is reporting that this will be the trend for the fall.  Women's fashion will be edgier based upon the strong female characters seen on the cinematic screens.

Vogue featured SWATH influenced fashion, now the LA Times is reporting of more film fashion influences based on Merida of 'Brave' to Lisbeth Salander of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'.

New tough
Style based on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

The LA Times writes:

"Forget the Gossip Girls, Joan Holloway, Bettie Page and those other retro chicks. There is a new feminine ideal this fall, and she kicks butt. If the last five years have been dominated by the preening and pristine women of "Mad Men," we are now shifting to a tomboy ideal.

"...leather is everywhere this fall? Versace's studded, second-skin leather dresses and Givenchy's kimono-sleeve coats and jumpsuits are the stuff of action heroes."

"At the extreme, the new tough is also defined by a bold new silhouette. Big on the top and the bottom, it's not for everyone. But if you could pull off one of Proenza Schouler's oversized jackets inspired by fencing, karate and judo, worn with a pair of slouchy, wide-leg trousers (a look also seen at Balenciaga), you could be your own fight club."

"Bold silhouettes. Future shock. Dark romance. Drama. The toughest thing of all may be having to choose."

"It's about swagger in all its varied forms, from dandyish to downright dangerous." 

Read more the film fashion here

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