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Larry Carrol with cardboard cutouts of Kristen Stewart as Bella & 
Robert Pattinson as Edward in 'Twilight'
Source: LA Times

Former MTV news reporter Larry Carroll took to Twitter Tueday and talked to a fan about his memories of his first meeting Kristen Stewart.

Carroll, also known as the Twilight Guy, is well known to fans for his early interviews with the cast along with his unwavering support of the film Twilight.  Known to host a weekly segment of videos called Twilight Tuesdays, Carroll still shows he has fond memories of the franchise and its cast. 

Carroll tells a fan a brief story about meeting the 15-year old Stewart while she was filming 2007 The Messengers in Canada.  Check it out below.

"@robkris13: @LarryCarroll: ( ◠‿◠) do you remember doing this interview with Kristen on the set of The Messengers? ♥ it!"

"@LarryCarroll: @robkris13 I do! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! She was 15. It was the first time I met her. In the middle of nowhere..."

"@LarryCarroll: @robkris13 ...on a farm in Regina, Saskatchawan. The other actors kept referring to her as "Jodie Foster's daughter in 'Panic Room"..."

"‏@LarryCarroll: @robkris13 ...she was so young, but everyone knew she was gonna be big. They spoke of her like she was already an Oscar winner..."

"@LarryCarroll: @robkris13 ...a few people even seemed intimidated by her! There was a scene where she had to drive a truck but didn't have her license yet!"

"@LarryCarroll: @robkris13 ...The publicist left me, my camera dude and her alone in that barn for 45-60 minutes. We talked about tons of stuff...."

"@LarryCarroll: @robkris13 ...even at that age, she was very impressive. Even if the movie wasn't. Ha ha."

"@robkris13: @LarryCarroll: wow, th♥x for sharing your memories of meeting Kristen for the first time!! wish we could see the complete interview ( ◠‿◠)"

"@LarryCarroll: @robkris13 That would be located deep inside the MTV Vaults, which is kinda like the final scene of "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Ha ha."

Thanks to @robkris13 for getting Larry to share his memories.

The Messengers - the-messengers Photo


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