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Ask Men released their list of the Most Desirable Women of 2013.  Both Kristen Stewart (#7) and Charlize Theron (#97) make the list. 

The Top 10 are:

10.  Michelle Jenneke - Athlete

 9.  Jessica Pare - Actress
 8.  Jessica Gomes - Model
 7.  Kristen Stewart - Actress
 6.  Miranda Kerr - Model
 5.  Emma Stone - Actress
 4.  Rihanna - Singer
 3.  Kate Upton - Model
 2.  Mila Kunis - Actress
 1.  Jennifer Lawrence - Actress

Based on many factors, the Ask Men readers clearly made a statement that what makes a woman desirable isn't just based on a great body and gorgeous looks.  It includes career accomplishments, intelligence and more. 

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Stewart's post-Twilight work is noted as making her one of their most desirable.  Ask Men mentions the SWATH sequel as one of her future projects. 

Ask Men writes, "...look for big things from Kristen in 2013, including the start of production for a Snow White and the Huntsman sequel."

Stewart already has two films in the can for next year (Camp X-Ray and Sils Maria) and just recently filmed a small role in Anesthesia which boasts an all-star cast. 

Stewart will be teaming back up with her Adventureland co-star Jesse Eisenberg in the action-comedy American Ultra with The Big Shoe already in pre-production. She also has been attached to Drake Doremus film Equals.

Ask Men praises Theron for being in two blockbusters in 2012 (so was Stewart in both Breaking Dawn Part 2 and SWATH) with her highly anticipated Mad Max sequel Fury Road (release date still pending).  Theron also starred and produced Dark Places which is to be released next year. 

Although Ask Men does not mention it, Theron's production company is in the midst of developing and producing many projects which we will look forward to seeing in the coming months and years. 

See who else made the list here.


Statuesque South African beauty Charlize Theron had a wildly productive 2012. Over the past year, Charlize starred in two blockbuster films, Prometheus and Snow White & the Huntsman, both of which were massive hits. And 2013 looks like it’s set to be another banner year for this actress. Aside from starring with Tom Hardy in the Mad Max reboot, Charlize may reprise her role as the beautiful but mentally challenged Rita Leeds on the highly anticipated Netflix-only Arrested Development revival."

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