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Sony Pictures Classics (SPC) will be going full speed ahead with promoting Kristen Stewart for a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her role in Still Alice, according to the Hollywood Reporter

SPC obtained the rights to distribute the film at this years Toronto Film Festival.  The initial word was that Stewart's co-star Julianne Moore would definitely be in the Oscar race for her role as a professor who is in the early stages of the Alzheimer's Disease. However, Stewart being added on for the push is good to hear considering she has been receiving rave reviews as the supportive daughter. 

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Michael Barker, co-chief of Sony Pictures Classics told THR, "In addition to the depth of its [Still Alice] screenplay and direction, it features several major performances." 

"There's no question that Julianne Moore gives the greatest performance of her career to date — it's a performance of such amazing depth and subtlety — but one of the reasons it comes off so spectacularly well is that the actors around her are so strong. Kristen Stewart has never been better than she is in this film. Alec Baldwin gives one of the strongest performances of his career. In addition to that, you've got Kate Bosworth and Hunter Parrish also giving really strong performances."

THR writes that Barker has been an admirer of Stewart and agrees with others regarding her impressive work in the film. 

"Kristen Stewart is someone we have seen in many movies over the last several years — four in 2014, with three coming up in 2015 so far — and she has shown great range in such a wide variety of genres," he said. "But there is something about this performance that has new depths that she hasn't shown before. She's really terrific in the film."

Stewart is also being lauded for her performances in Camp X-Ray which was screened at the Sundance Film Festival and Clouds of Sils Maria which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival both to critical acclaim and both in release this year.

Stewart's post-Twilight career appears to have scored an A+ from all accounts. And now with a legitimate Oscar push, it cannot get any better (unless she receives the nomination).


THR asks if Stewart who is "one of the busier A-listers in the business, be available to do the interviews, glad-handing and baby-kissing that have become essential to most successful Oscar campaigns in the present day?"  

Will Stewart be supportive of SPC's Oscar push efforts?  

As far as I know, she's fully supportive of this film in a major way," Barker tells THR. "We certainly are."

SPC has its role for pushing Stewart for the nomination which begins with a limited release in New York and Los Angeles in December in order to qualify. 

However, fans know that Stewart will be fully supportive of the film as she is with all her films doing appearances, interviews, photoshoots and the like. 

Stewart is no amateur regarding intense film promtion. She certainly understands what it takes unless you've been hiding in a cave since 2008 missing out on The School of Twilight Worldwide Film Promotion not to mention the worldwide promotion of Snow White and the Huntsman.

On the Road --- a film where she was barely onscreen --- is a testament to her unselfishness to promote a film. Therefore, nothing will change insofar as Stewart supporting the film --- it just may be more intense than ever.  And from the looks of it, so far her schedule is pretty much open. 

The Oscar push continues with SAG/AFTRA screenings announced beginning in San Francisco.  Only members may attend. However, guests are allowed with an attendee.  (More info here)

Fans will surely be monitoring this Oscar push with fingers crossed that her hard work all these years is finally coming to fruition. 


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