Tuesday, June 28, 2011


(Corbin Bleu as 'Austin', Stewart as 'Maddy', Thieriot as 'Gus')

"She's the best" actor Max Thieriot tweeted when asked, "How was it working with Kristen Stewart?"  Max starred with Kristen in the 2004 movie "Catch That Kid".  In, 2008, Max and Kristen were in the film "Jumper" where Kristen has a brief cameo.

Kristen has always consistently received compliments from her co-stars, former directors etc... over the years.  This is nothing new.  Skeptics may say that the Hollywood types always give each other compliments. Not true.  There have been plenty of  Twitter fights.

But hearing nice things from an old co-star must feel good.

IMDb Pro has Max listed in 3 films that are currently in post production:
"Yellow", "Foreverland" and "House at the End of the Street"

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