Wednesday, June 8, 2011

USA Today Compares Snow Whites

Looks like another media outlet is comparing Snow White's again.

This first article gives a brief synopsis of each film. They state that filming of SWATH begins the second week of August in London and Wales. You can read it here.

This second article goes into more details about the characters, the moving of the release dates, and the actor's involved, but leave it to the reader to decide. I think I know which Snow White I'm looking more forward to!!!

Click here to read this article.

~Cheermom's Editorial:  I'm ecstatic that she is filming in London and Wales. First of all it's BEAUTIFUL there. Secondly, I'm hoping the papz there are more civilized and leave her alone during filming. We know she is stealth, but I'm hoping she doesn't have to be...she can just go about her business without having to hide her every move.

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