Monday, June 13, 2011


According to the The NY Times, major studios may not want to flaunt their wears at Comic-Con this year due to possible damaging publicity it has on films if fans do not like what they see.

The Times reports:

"This year? Warner’s main studio operation is bringing nothing. Ditto Disney and DreamWorks. The Weinstein Company, a perennial presence, will also sit this one out. Even Marvel Entertainment, whose panel for “The Avengers” was a highlight of Comic-Con 2010, is on the fence about whether it will mount a major presentation.
Comic-Con, as a growing number of movie marketers are realizing, has turned into a treacherous place. Studios come seeking buzz, but the Comic-Con effect can be more negative than positive. The swarm of dedicated fans — many of whom arrive at the convention in Japanese anime drag or draped in Ewok fur — can instantly sour on a film if it doesn’t like what it sees, leaving publicity teams with months of damaging Web chatter to clean up.

Should Universal Pictures still consider holding a panel to make fans more acquainted with SWATH? A leg up with positive publicity could be the answer after the blood-bath battle of the Snow Whites with Relativity that resulted in a shake up with their business relationship

Summit has announce they will produce a panel to promote Breaking Dawn Pt. 1, according to the Times.  This panel could provide an appearance by Kristen Stewart who is the 'Snow White' for Universal's version of 'Snow White and the Huntsman'.

Universal may want consider utilizing Stewart's positive presence that will surely emanate due to the anticipated Breaking Dawn release. Even fielding a panel just as an introduction to the cast, director and producers with a surprise appearance by Stewart could go a long way with fans.  No film clip necessary.

Will Stewart appear and can Universal utilize her presence for a positive spin? Only time will tell.   

UPDATED: Summit has confirmed via Twitter that they will have a panel at Comic-Con:

@SummitEnt #BreakingDawnPart1 will have a panel at Comic-Con 2011 -

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