Monday, July 18, 2011


(by Karenxan)

We want to recognize some of the amazing fan artists out there, so we thought we'd kick off the start of SWATH production by displaying your artwork on our Facebook page!

Most fan made posters get a hotlink on Twitter never to be seen again. But we want to honor your hard work even more by memorializing it.

Beginning August 1, we want to display your work by making it our Facebook avatar. If your artwork is selected, it will be transposed into our Facebook avatar and displayed for a period of time. Depending upon the number of submissions and if the work meets certain criteria, it will be displayed for at least a week.

We will make a special folder for "Fan-Made Posters" so anyone can see your work at all times. We will also post it on the blog as well for those who do not have Facebook. Fans can find the artwork under the label "Fan Posters" on the blog.

The criteria is simple:

1. Must be about SWATH only.

2. Must not be vulgar as we define it.

3. Must be your original artwork and cannot be claimed to be the work of another. Manips are acceptable.

4. It can be serious or funny or anything in between.

5. The Enchanting Beauty can use/display the artwork through any media resources EB is affiliated with such as Facebook, Blogger, YouTube, TwiPic, TwiVid, Twitter, Vimeo etc... and is not responsible for any other sources use or misuse of the artwork.

6. Artwork can be submitted via email at: You must be following us on Facebook, Twitter or via the blog in order to be considered. Let us know how you are following us and make sure you provide your avi name so we can verify.

7. You may tag your artwork for identification or if you do not want to deface it, we will place a tag under it for you.

So create away and show off your work by submitting your SWATH artwork today!

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