Saturday, July 2, 2011


SWATH producer Palak Patel takes time to answer fan questions and clarifies if SWATH will be a  "trilogy".

Entertainment Weekly reported that SWATH would be a "trilogy".  However, according to Patel, SWATH will be a "series" of films and not a "trilogy".   This could mean that there may not be a continuous storyline i.e. Lord of the Rings. 

It appears that once 'The Huntsman' is completed, that will be the end of that story and the Snow White story will move into another direction with no cliff hanger and additional changes in cast. 

This as well as other questions should be addressed during  Comic-Con where SWATH will have a panel and Patel will attend. 

Here are Patel's tweets responding to the trilogy and other fan questions. The Enchanting Beauty receives a response yet again. *smiles*

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