Friday, July 8, 2011


We here at The Enchanting Beauty received one of the best messages any fansite could get...a SWATH producer says he is willing to an interview!!! 

Dreams do come true. 

We asked SWATH producer Palak Patel if he would be willing to be interviewed by our fansite and his reply was a resounding "Of course".

When we began this site, it was our ultimate goal to get the latest information disseminated to the fans as best as we can.  Provide you with straight reporting and fun at the same time.   As you read in our bios, we have been excited about this project since its announcement.  This would be absolutely huge for the fans if we can provide any insights into the making of SWATH.

We are proud to do what we can for the fans of SWATH.  So, we hope to have Mr. Patel speak to us once production gets underway.  Keeping our fingers crossed so stay tuned. 

 As a bonus, he also said he would try to have the dwarfs (be it one or all) tweet the fans and/or give us a picture as well.

How cool would it be to get Bob Hoskins to tweet?  Or Ian McShane. Or every last dwarf to send out a tweet and a pic.  Call it "The Dwarf Tweet of the Week".  One can dream can't they?

Patel also answered another tweet.  Check it out below:

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