Friday, August 12, 2011


(Source: Marvel)

(Source: Marvel)

"I shot him a few texts over (opening) weekend," Hemsworth says with a laugh. "It was like, 'You beat The Wizard! Down with Potter!"

Chris Hemsworth had something to be excited about when he sent this text to Chris 'Captain America' Evans after his movie won in its opening weekend against the powerful 8th and final 'Harry Potter' movie.  No one saw that coming.

Hemsworth may be excited because his 'Thor' could be embarking on the next big comic book movie franchise. USA Today writes that the next set of comic book heroes has seen box office success so far this summer beginning with 'Thor' and later with 'Captain America'.  'Iron Man' has shown it's success in previous years.

Hemsworth's interest in Evans' box office success is tied in with the movie 'The Avengers' which stars Hemsworth as 'Thor', Evans as 'Captain America' and includes a team of an A-list actors: Robert Downey Jr as 'Iron Man', Mark Ruffalo as 'The Hulk', Scarlett Johansson as the 'Black Widow' and Jeremy Renner as 'Hawkeye'.

Hemsworth is definitely on a role with his movie selections.  He is up next to star as 'The Huntsman' in Snow White and the Huntsman which will consist of three set of movies but will not be a trilogy.  It is not clear if the 'Huntsman' would continue on but fans would think in all likelihood he would be because Hemsworth is a fan favorite.

You can read more here about Hemsworth discussing box office success and about 'The Avengers'.

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