Monday, August 22, 2011


(Entertainment Weekly)

(Hollywood Life)

We believe we found the title to our next feature: "You've Got To Be Kidding!"  Thanks Hollywood Life.

Hollywood Life reports that body language "expert" Dr. Lillian Glass says that Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron basically hate each other.  Really?

So, in order to prove the point, Hollywood Life posts the picture shown to the left above.  Yes, the picture that looks like Hemsworth is awaiting Theron who appears to be walking towards them to complete a group photo.  Yes, the photograph were both Kristen and Charlize are smiling. Lots of animosity there. 

However, maybe Dr. Glass never saw the picture printed in Entertainment Weekly that has them in a friendly embrace.


Ok, maybe they are pretending because they are actors.  We doubt it.  Can we stand another picture of a friendly embrace?

Ok Gossip Cop, how did we do?

If you must read Hollywood Life's theory of hate, you can read the rest here. 

(Source: Robkris)

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