Monday, September 19, 2011


With production understandably on lockdown, any encounter with a fan is being sopped up with a sponge by SWATHers. 

Here is another encounter @xJazzix had with an extra who she has encountered before.  Of course he cannot provide any actual filming details but the behind the scenes is just as fulfilling.

Thanks xJazzix!!!

"So the extra man came in the shop again today and like last time i managed to get in a couple of questions before he left. he didnt say too much about the filming he did with sam but he did say he had "done a lot of night shoots" and that the fight scenes were awesome. i had quite a few people in so our convo was quite broken but he did stick around for a few mins to chat. he only lives round the corner from me..

I asked if he had met kstew and he said he still hasnt met her but he did see her again (i think he said last week) and she was there only for a little while (something to do with costume) he was there for something different so the two sections of people didnt mix much...

he had taken a photo of (i think he said the extras room) sign on the door to show his wife and i asked him to bluetooth it to me lol as you do!

and so i will upload that for you in a min. it doesnt say much just a sign saying where to go but still glad i have it lol! he said he was having a cig with a group of extras round the back of the (i think main car park or lot?) and kristen was there going for a cig, but she was with a couple of make up people (not sure when this was like i say i think a week or so ago) and she left to use the phone and went back to the main (building or room) ((he said "place")) and was laughing on the phone to someone, he said "ten bets its that fella" but of course ovvo ["obviously"] he would have no way of knowing so he was probably joking.

anyway so i let him go after that cause his mate was picking him up outside and he said if he gets any more info he will tell me and i had a laugh with him and said im a stalker of the film lol!

thats about it not too much info! oh and he said they were filming in the rain a lot so he hopes next time itll be sunny and we had a good old moan about the english summertime lol! as you do!  

oh and with regards to the pic, it was tacked up on the fence apparently to show then which way to go in x."

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