Monday, September 5, 2011


(Source: Bleeding Cool)

OK stop laughing.  But 25 years ago this was a possibility so says the award winning comic book writer of X-Men, Chris Claremont.

Yes, Claremont says that Bob Hoskins was his choice for 'Wolverine' in the X-Men movie.  Well it isn't too far fetched when you hear his point of view.

In an interview last November with Bleeding Cool, Claremont justified his choice as follows:

Talking about the big screen Wolverine we have led Claremont to tell us his vision for how the character could have been brought to the screen.

Over the course of the three films he evolved on screen in much the same manner he evolved in the comic. The Wolverine quite naturally becomes the core essence of the group. It would have been interesting if we’d done it 25 years ago and I’d gotten my wish and Bob Hoskins had played him. Hoskins has that same degree of mad fury, and he’s short. Don’t think of Super Mario Bros. think of The Long Good Friday. With Hugh Jackman, it just reverses the paradigm, he’s six foot four and who cares?

Wow Hugh never stood a chance if Claremont had his way.  But Hoskins is such a great actor, he would have pulled it off.

Comic book geeks can finish reading the rest of Claremont's interview here.  Read Claremont's history with Marvel Comics here.


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