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@CharlizeAfrica tweeted that Theron will be at the Goodall event today.  Here is the link to Fatham Events to for more information about the event tonight.

@CharlizeAfrica Charlize will be participating in the @JGoodallEvent tonight - LIVE! Find out more information and how to get tix here:


Reuters is reporting that Charlize Theron along with several other Hollywood stars will honor, "World renowned primatologist" Jane Goodall at a "one-night only" presentation of a documentary about her life called "Jane's Journey". 

Goodall & Theron
"[Goodall] began her groundbreaking research into chimpanzees over 50
years ago in Tanzania's Gombe National Park, leaving an indelible imprint on the way humans view animals."

Jolie & Goodall

The event will be shown in 500 movie U.S. movie theaters. Pierce Bronson and Angelina Jolie will also appear with Theron where there will be a "live question-and-answer session with Goodall and her friend and musician Dave Matthews."

Q: Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Dave Matthews are just a few of the high-profile celebrities who are helping to get your message out. How does it feel to have a whole new generation of people becoming familiar with your work?

 A: "I find it really necessary. I wouldn't mind if they weren't familiar with my work, per se. The important thing is to understand that every one of us makes a difference, every day, and we can live with a lighter ecological footprint.

"When you have people like Angelina Jolie getting behind the film, that can attract some people who might not otherwise be interested and then hopefully they get the message, too. In fact, that's what's been happening. In Europe, the film received the 'Green Oscar.'"

Read more about the event here.

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