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Grauman's will stream the handprint ceremony live via their Facebook page.  You can "like" them here.

Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Stewart, Shirley Temple, John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant, Bing Crosby, now Kristen Stewart along with two of her "Twilight" co-stars, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner handprints will be immortalized at Grauman's Chinese Theater on November 3rd at 10am.  We sure the Twihards are lining up today. 

The "Twilight" movies, a box office smash, have gone against every Hollywood stereotype that makes a film a Hollywood blockbuster. It did not have explosions and car chases.  It did not have muscled-up steriod looking guys.  There weren't any guns and bombs going off.  There are no robots or spaceships.  There wasn't a guy trying to take over the world. 

It was simply about a guy and a girl falling in love.  Love. A love story. 
The "Twilight" movies are indie films which do not boast the budgets of the large blockbuster movies such as "Harry Potter" or the "Batman" franchises.  However, the films have been international mega-hits against all the negative critiques by critics who still do not have a clue. 

The "Twilight" film franchise is also the only "female dominated" or "fangirl" blockbuster franchise.  Blockbusters are male-dominated fanboy franchises.  The latest movie "Breaking Dawn", has outsold tickets of opening films, according to Fandango, for the first week ticket sales began.  It was noted by Fandango that they have never seen anything like it before because the movie was not opening for another 6 weeks.

This franchise led by the author Stephenie Meyer, began from a dream she had about a meadow, a vampire and an average girl.  Now almost 2 billion dollars later, her dream has become a world-wide phenomenon.  This does not include merchandise, conventions etc...

From TwiMoms to Twihards and yes, even Twiguys, this simple love story about a guy who just happens to be a vampire and a girl has encapsulated the world. 

Kristen Stewart (Bella) was mainly known for her work in the indie film world.  Making a name for herself and doing interesting and critically acclaimed work in the process.  Although she appeared in a couple of Hollywood mainstream films, she was the "Queen of Indie Films" which is understanding as to why she chose to do "Twilight".  Robert Pattinson (Edward) was looking for movie roles at the time he was hired and Taylor Lautner (Jacob) was in school but working occasionally.  They all are now international stars as lead actors in their own films.

Although there are some who still choose not to believe that the "Twilight" is not worth their time and energy to even see or read due to their own prejudices, it has not stopped the train from moving ahead and based upon ticket sales, it's full steam ahead.

Now full circle, Stewart and her co-stars are reaping the benefits of their hard work with this huge honor.  It is well deserved.  They have not only given the fans what they love about the characters they play but they are truly giving to their fans as well.  

Almost anyone can get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but not everyone can get their handprints at Graumans.  So, congratulations to Kristen, Robert and Taylor, job well done!    

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