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The buzz continues as Stewart's GQ's photographs and interview makes it into London's Metro Newspaper.  In her interview with GQ, Stewart reveals her thoughts about her acting career as well as her personal life.

The GQ magazine can be ordered outside of the U.K.. You can find the link here.

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First it was 'W' now 'GQ' but both magazine covers with Kristen Stewart on them have caused an Internet stir. 

Entertainment and gossip sites such as E!, Celebuzz etc... have been "buzzing" so to speak about the new GQ U.K. cover.  Stewart is wearing a vintage bathing on this cover and from all comments, "looking great".

Now the cover is receiving recoginition on Yahoo's front page:

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 actress, 21, wears a retro-sexy bikini, sporting bright-red lipstick and with her brunette locks in screen-siren waves.

What does Stewart think of her evolution? "I looked like a boy for a long time," she told GQ. "Now I feel like a woman."

Read the rest here at Yahoo.

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