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Halloween is around the corner and everyone is trying to decide what they will be wearing. Either go with the standard stand-bys with Spiderman, Dracula, Harry Potter, Catwoman or maid with a feather duster...yawns.  Or you can just step out and be ahead of the pack and dress up as one of the Snow White and the Huntsman characters.  Yes, dare to be different.

(Target -Snow White Costume)
We know about the traditional Snow White costumes based upon the Walt Disney version but what about SWATH?  Well SWATH takes on a "medieval" look rather than the a "comic book look" like the traditional costume. Ladies can be sexy and guys can be debonair or let's just say it, hot!



The medieval look for SWATH's Snow White consists of a dress with a bustier-type bodice that cinches the waste line. Yes the dress is long but ladies can work the bodice so it will have the sex appeal that ladies want with their Halloween costumes today.  A little push up bra with some chicken cutlets will help those who want a little more enhancement.  As for girls, it would be the same without the *coughs* push up bra etc... and the bodice will have a higher neckline.

Then top it off with a long black wig or hair extensions loosely braided like SWATH's Snow White along with a smokey eye, maybe a popping red lip to give it some edge and you'll have an exciting SWATH-like Snow White.  You may want to be daring and consider the wet hair look like Kristen Stewart is showing in the production as well.  

Or, take the other option and get a suit of armor with a shield and sword, again with the loose braids in the long black hair and you will have the fighting Snow WhiteWhichever way you choose to go, you can bring Stewart's Snow White to life.



For the guys, you can go as a dwarf, an actual knight or the Prince.  There are other characters such as maidens and peasants as well.  Boys will get a kick out of wielding a sword.  Just move all breakables out of reach.

There are many ways to go without limitations 
with this version of Snow White even with parties.  Costumes can be rented or bought and if you are really creative, you can go into your own closet and see what you can make.  Guys may have enough rugged clothes, especially hunters, to make a Huntsman costume.  Or if you want to go for the Queen's look or even a dark dress for Snow White, take a witches costume and tweek it (see below). It's all in the  imagination.  It is also good to know that the costumes are made in plus sizes as well (see Queen's costume below).

If you or someone you know celebrates Halloween as a SWATH and or traditional Snow White character and cares to share pictures, please send them to us at and...


The costumes featured here can be purchased from Target, and Wholesale Halloween Costumes.


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