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Can you blame them? Uh, people they've been working pretty hard.  The cold, the rain, the sand, the wind, the paparazzi and yes, the onlookers.  Sometimes people need a release, it stops the grey hairs from growing -  at least not too quickly. 

They let their hair down? Good for them!!  They had a party and hopefully they had a good gosh darn time of it!!

So the Westmoreland Gazette which has been reporting that SWATH has been filming in the Lake District area, with A-listers, reports that the cast and crew had a wrap party Tuesday at the Wateredge Inn at Ambleside. 

The staff were "shocked" to see "mega-stars" Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron attending. Other "A-list" stars there were Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone and Eddie Izzard.  Eddie Izzard? He could just be in the area...

WG writes:  

“By 9.15pm we had 100 people in the bar and it was buzzing,” she said [Barmaid Marie Baker].

“All the stars were there drinking sambuca, vodka shots and they drank us out of Jaegermeister too.

“Everyone really enjoyed themselves. I’d never heard of Kirsten Stewart or Charlize Theron before but I know they are huge celebrities.

“At the end of the night the cast all said thank-you and gave us all kisses goodbye.”

Hotel owner Scott Cowap said: “Things wrapped up at around 11.30pm and we suggested they headed into Bowness to carry on the party.

“It was pretty wild for a Tuesday night to have so many famous people in the bar. There’s certainly lots of empties.”

Kirsten Stewart and Charlize Theron are said to have retired for the night to the Holbeck Ghyll, Windermere, while the actors playing the seven dwarfs stayed nearby at Low Wood Hotel.

Read more details at WG here. Eddie Izzard...

Waterside Inn

Newspaper photo: via @malenacasey - Source @_davelee

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