Friday, November 11, 2011


Yesterday was an epic day for Snow White and the Huntsman fans with the release of the first trailer.  Fans expressed themselves through Twitter.  Here are some of the tweets fans sent.


(Stars in Twilight with Kristen) @tinselkorey: Just watched Kristen's trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman. It looks AMAZING!!! Can't wait to see

@blondeinDC09 @SWATH4Fans @palakspatel SWATH IS GOING TO BE EFFIN EPIC!!!! The actors,cinematography,the action,the costumes-PERFECTION!

@sariedee @SWATH4Fans and Charlize is just FREAKING EXCITED! @palakspatel

@sariedee @SWATH4Fans saw this on perez "Julia Roberts better sit the eff down, because The Evil Queen has ARRIVED, & her name is Charlize Theron!"

@susi079 @ChrisHFansite OMG Vic! The #SWATHTAILER in HD is bloody AMAZING!! Totally luv it. Thx so much! Great job. @SWATH4Fans @SWATH_Movie 

@randommama @SWATH4Fans Did you see my reaction? Did you, huh? Did you? *jumpy claps* 

@Beau_Nelson The trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman is ridiculous amazing! I can't wait to see it!

@cutestkidsmom @SWATH4Fans Oh I absolutely love it, it looks fantastic amazing effects!! I Love where it looks like its going :)

@baiservole @SWATH4Fans I keep replaying it-I think I've never been as mesmerised by asingle trailer than I am by this one.It's gonna be BIG

@KstewPaul @SWATH4Fans #SWATH trailer gave me chills

@AdeleStew @ AMAZING!! RT @SWATH4Fans Snow White and the Huntsman is trending world-wide!!! @palakspatel @UniversalPics @SnowWhite

@RobAndHisRayBan @SWATH4Fans Kristen is the perfect Snow White :) and Well Chris :P :P :P I think he will make a great Huntsman :D

@eonline Whoa! The Snow White and the Huntsman trailer is so good!

@vonch let me join you RT @rosenfie: HOLY F*CKING $HIT THAT TRAILER IS F*CKING AWESOME. I need to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!… (cont)

@RobstenDreams I'm so high on Swath right now. Feeling woozy :P heInSneider Gotta say, the trailer for Universal's SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN looks sick! Smart move getting ahead of Relativity's MIRROR, MIRROR...

@hollywoodcrush Whoa! We're digging KStew and Charlize in the #SWATH trailer

@sariedee I am ridiculously excited for Snow White and the Huntsman! Charlize was brilliant! KStew looks awesome! Chris-no brainer #SWATH @SWATH4Fans

@taryder OMG, new Snow White and the Huntsman trailer..... loooove it

@Mandyklynn @SWATH4Fans Still watching!! Is it summer yet?? #SWATHTAILER

@dbycajun @SWATH4Fans The trailer for this movie is AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see movie!!!

@swath_lj @SWATH4Fans yup :) I'm still excited!! The movie looks great!!! :')

@dbycajun @SWATH4Fans @palakspatel Is right June cannot come fast enough!!!

@vonch Yes, amazing! #SWATH @UniversalPics @SnowWhite
@Ahymhee: dear @palakspatel @SnowWhite thank you for making Snow White and the Hunstman it makes my heart happy”

@iWantIt_All Snow White and the Huntsman trailer does look good, who knew snow white could be apealing

@kconwhoa Honestly, I think I'm more excited for Snow White and the Huntsman next summer than I am for Breaking Dawn next week.

@karenIver HOLY HELL @palakspatel. I have NEVER been this excited for a movie before. It looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Snow white and the huntsman!

@kstewandgene: @palakspatel and pls tell rupert sanders he is a bloody genius..Also the whole team kudos to all#SWATHTRAILER”

@lilachoney1 @palakspatel The teaser trailer is perfect. Thank you for helping bring some strong female characters to the big screen.

@DrVivibuff @palakspatel omg dude this movie is gonna be freaking amazing!! Thanks everyone from us!! Amazing job!


@ItsontheGrid: The SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN trailer is pretty badass. #SWATH”

@Black_hair I'm totally crazy for Snow White and the Huntsman trailer, hope it doesn't turn out awful as Alice in W

@Movie_Jungle: A most impressive first SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN movie trailer.

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