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Producer Palak Patel tweeted an article today (June 27, 2012) confirming that sculptor Kevin Francis Gray was the inspiration for the 'Mirror Man'.  

As you know, @malenacasey did locate Mr. Gray's work online last November which showed his sculptures and how they compared to the 'Mirror Man'.

Grey provides insight into his experience with the movie making process.

Mr. Gray called the three months he worked on the film “really pleasant.” He devoted most of the time to working with visual-effects artists to create a backstory for the character. Any misgivings he had about going Hollywood soon dissipated since, in his research, he discovered Disney had a rich history of working with artists on the original Snow White film and, beyond that, he didn’t find movie work to be his cup of tea.

“It really showed me that I could get out of my comfort zone,” he said, but he actually found working on the movie easier than his usual studio practice, which, he reminded us, requires him to use three dimensions. “It’s very much ab0out the two-dimensional image on the screen.”

Read the entire article here at Gallerist NY as he talks about his sculptures and check out a few photographs of his sculptures along with our original post below.


The Snow White and the Huntsman trailer was filled with interesting images.  The mirror becoming gold liquid and the queen being bathed in some kind of white pasty/milky substance most likely trying to maintain her youth and beauty.

Filmmakers are constantly researching and seeking references to bring to screen by using real cultural references. Sculptor Kevin Francis Gray appears to be the source reference for the Mirror Man and for the queen's milk scene.  

See how the inspirations compare below.

Photo of Sculpture

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