Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Just an innocent day at work led to a nice encounter with an extra from SWATH.  @HauntedTwilight tweeted her fan encounter with the extra.  It was a really nice meeting. 

WARNING:  There may be spoilers so read at your own risk!

Here is her account as tweeted. Thanks for sharing @HauntedTwilight!

"THE EXTRA FROM SWATH CAME IN THE SHOP AGAIN! EEEE!! tell u all bout what he said in a bit when I get time2 I'm at work he spoke about scenes"

"INFO FROM EXTRA MAN (mentions kstew and certain scenes don't read the following unless u don't mind spoilers, there aren't too many tho)"

"I'll try an get all this out in one go but I'm at work so sorry if It takes a few mins..."

"Extra man came in again, and he still makes me nervous lol! I followed him around the shop for a bit and then ambled my way over and asked"

"SOOO you finally finished swath! And he said, yeah I was there for about 8/9 days in total. So I decided to ask him about kstew cause I"

"Haven't rly asked him that much about her (this is extra man NOT the guy I know that does sets and lighting) ((I don't see extra man much))"

"I said so what did you think about kristen Stewart in the end? He said "yeah she was nice, people told me she was really moody but she"

"Seemed alright, she said hello and that so she seemed nice, I spoke to her a few times just general stuff and she seemed friendly"

"I said so what was the beach like when you were shooting, and he said it was great, he is one of the knights riding behind kristen, and he"

"Had a couple of scenes with bob H[oskins] which will definitely be in the film, one scene with Sam claflin also, but that one he wasn't sure if it"

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