Friday, February 10, 2012


Well having a prominent dialect coach is half the battle as an actor when you have to garnish a particular accent.  After meeting Kristen Stewart's and Charlize Theron's dialect coach, this should not leave any doubt that those British accents will be like a nail in a coffin... so kill the noise critics. 

Meet Barbara Berkery famous Hollywood dialect coach  to the stars.  She has worked with the "Who's Who" of Hollywood.  When you see the names of the actors Berkery has worked with then think of their characters, you can tell that she's darn good at what she does.

For starters: Dakota Fanning, Reese Witherspoon, Geoffrey Rush, Jim Carrey, Jake Gyllenhaal...need we go on?  Renee Zellwegger, Kiera Knightly, Johnny Depp, Helen Mirren and Cate Blanchett. 

Now, if you think Kristen Stewart will not be able to sell a British accent especially with some additional help with a "British boyfriend", you just may be living in the Twilight Zone.

Berkery is based in London, is an "internationally-reknown dialect, dialogue and voice coach.  In this video here, she talks about elocution lessons and working with actors.   
Read more of Berkery's resume' here, IMDb here and her website here.

Thanks to @malenacasey.

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