Saturday, February 25, 2012


Karl Greenwood, from the Stampede Stunt Company, on his horse Todo

Meet the Stampede Stunt Company.  The Stampede Stunt Company is a horse stunting team that provides a "variety of performances and characters to suit all themes, budgets and grounds; from Cossack trick shows to medieval jousting tournaments."

They provide stunt training and classes and also offer "dirt buggy racing, off-road driving amphibious vehicles and Canadian canoeing."

But they also work on film and television shows.  The Stampede Stunt Company has worked on Dr. Who, Clash of the Titans 2 and SWATH.  Wonder if this is them doing this stunt in the trailer?

Their training Centre for Horseback Combat and Stampede Stunts is in the process of moving locations to expand their facilities.

See them out in action in the video below.  Read more about them here and like their Facebook page here.



Thanks to  @malenacasey for providing this Source.

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