Monday, February 13, 2012


Still from Foster video

Sam Claflin revealed a musical connection with Kristen Stewart to PopSugar during their set visit by the media last October.  Sam stated that singer Marcus Foster performed at a birthday party of his and has also previously seen him perform.  Kristen appeared in Foster's video last year (seen on our site below) for his song 'I Was Broken'. 

Kristen met Foster through Robert Pattinson who is his childhood friend.  Here is what Sam told PopSugar:

"There is a guy called Marcus Foster. Basically a guy played at my birthday, this sort of big musician who I love, and I went to go and see him at another gig, and supporting him was Marcus Foster. So, I went backstage and to meet Marcus, and he was telling me about this music video that he's about to do that Kristen [Stewart] has just starred in. Then when I saw Kristen next, I said, 'I can't believe you did that. You know him and he knows you, and he knows Rob [Pattinson].' So, again, it's all this small world. So namely him, but I think -- I have a feeling our sort of music tastes are very much in tune."


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