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As March draws near, blockbuster films have began to implement their promotions.  Take SWATH and The Avengers, neither of them are due out yet.  SWATH will be released on June 1st and The Avengers on May 4th. The Avengers just completed a fan 'Q & A' on Twitter with the cast and director along with a sneak peek trailer being released the same day. Universal has been slowly releasing movie stills with more things to come.

Super Bowl Sunday will be interesting as well with studios purchasing commercial time, fans are anticipating whose trailer will be seen.  It has already been announced that Universal is one of the studios which secured commercial time.  So fans will have wait to see if SWATH will be the lucky trailer.  Fans have already seen another sneak peek of SWATH during Charlize Theron's appearance on Bravo's 'Top Chef'. 

Entertainment Weekly put together a list of the '25 Most Anticipated Movies We Want to see' in release date order.

First up is Chris Hemsworth's Avengers listed at #7.  SWATH is #12.  EW states:

"Twilight's Kristen Stewart stars as the fairest of them all, joining forces with her would-be assassin (Thor's Chris Hemsworth) after he suffers a crisis of conscience. Banished into the wilderness, they lead a revolution against the black-hearted queen (Charlize Theron) who hired him. Rupert Sanders, known for his intense videogame commercials, makes his feature directing debut with this sinister, action-oriented telling of the Grimm ­folktale—one of two adaptations due this year, along with Mirror Mirror. ''It feels like an epic—Lord of the Rings rather than a fairy tale,'' says Hemsworth. While Thor had regal refinement, the Huntsman is all brute. ''I'm looking forward to letting it all sort of crack around the edges and fall apart instead of having to hold it together,'' Hemsworth says. ''He's certainly that sort of reluctant hero, but he's rough.'' —Anthony Breznican 

Charlize Theron's Prometheus is #14 which opens June 8th.  Next up is Kristen's The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn listed at #22 opens on November 16th.

Although EW has not listed it, most likely because a U.S. release date has not been provided, Kristen's On the Road will be another highly anticipated film of 2012. 

View the rest of the films listed at EW here. 

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