Sunday, April 1, 2012


With two Snow White movies being released, it appears that retailers are jumping on board to take advantage of their popularity. 

Relativity's 'Mirror, Mirror' was just released this weekend to an "underwhelming" box office opening with only $19 million with the expected opening between the low to mid $20 's, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  However, with the holiday Easter break forthcoming, Relativity says it will get better.

But will this be a reflection of Universal's SWATH?  We don't think so since they are completely different films tailored to different audiences.

Universal's slick promotion especially during the NCAA Final Four game yesterday, aimed at the male audience, appears to have worked.  EB received a tweet from SWATH fan @KRmahal's whose 19-year old son was watching the game and said he would go see it after viewing the commercial.

Retailers are selling everything from framed posters, jewelry and clothes, Snow White-like mind you, for licensing reasons.

So, Pretty Ballerinas put out these Snow White-like ballerina shoes with a bitten apple and mirror and the other pair resembling the darker SWATH with skulls. 

We are pretty sure between the legitimate merchandise being sold i.e. through HSN and other merchandise based on Snow White, there will be plenty of items for SWATH fans to chose from.  Hopefully the box office for the films will allow the retailers to take advantage of the opportunity.

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