Tuesday, April 3, 2012


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Yesterday a Cannes Film blog released a "list" of what was to be an "accidentally release of the official competion list" for Cannes this year.  This sent Twitter into a tizzy. We reviewed the article and determine that it really did not make sense.

We believed the presentation of the list was "confusing" as we were initially reporting that The Hollywood Reporter indicated that Kristen Stewart would be attending the festival this year and that the official list would not be announced unti April. 19th.

The blog appears to state that the official competition list was accidentally posted on Cannes official site before being pulled down.  Then their headline stated "Excluded List of Films in Competition" which contradicted the "official competition list was accidently posted" statement.

It was completely confusing and failed to make sense as we noted and now we know why.  It was false.

Today, Deadline reported the following:

"Yesterday a French blog released a list of what it contended was the official Cannes selection for 2012. The blog said the list had been briefly published on the official Cannes Film Festival website before hastily being pulled down. A number of other sites have picked up the list, but Deadline will not. This was an April Fools joke, and not a very funny one. I spoke to Cannes general delegate and artistic director Thierry Frémaux this morning who tells me “There was no internet leak.” Indeed, it would be impossible for the list to leak given it’s not completed and, as Frémaux says,

“The selection is in my head.” He further tells me, “This is all lies and it’s disgusting to play with such a thing.

So what was written did not make any sense and now we know exactly why.  Wait until April 19th and let's see what the official list has to say. 

What we do know is that it was officially reported by the Hollywood Reporter that Kristen Stewart "will be attending" and that 'On the Road' should be shown.

However, no competition list and/or list of films that will be shown has been officially announced.

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