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Upsetting is not the word with this nonsense. I refused to do a post about this because I was so upset. I've been biting my tongue but I have to get this off my chest.

The Metro is reporting that fans of BBC3's 'The Fades' starring SWATH's Johnny Harris are "outraged" about them not "recommissioning the sci-fi series."  Harris confirmed through SFX the other day while at the dwarfs' press junket, that the program had been cancelled.

Metro writes:

Fans flocked to Twitter to criticise the decision, which reportedly came about after bosses were forced to choose between The Fades and another series of Being Human.

Twitter user Rich Cain wrote on the social media site after hearing the news: 'Honestly! The BBC have axed 'The Fades'. What are you playing at BBC!?'

Elsewhere, Liam Murphy called it 'The dumbest decision ever,' while others simply wrote 'boo' or 'shame on the BBC' along with links to the story.

Some fans lamented the axing of The Fades when 'worse quality' programmes like Don't Tell The Bride were being recommissioned for more and more series by BBC3.

I cannot pretend to know or understand how the BBC works over there across the pond in the UK, but when a television series has good ratings, good critic reviews and THE FANS LOVE IT.... YOU DON'T CANCEL THE PROGRAM!!!

Read more outrage after the jump.

What are you people doing over there?!! Oh, you thought the outrage was limited to UK fans?!  Well there are  American fans too and now you do this?! Gee wiz, how could you?!  You suck us in then just discard the fans without any reason?!! WHY DID YOU DO THIS?!! WE WANT TO KNOW WHY!!!

I had the pleasure of becoming a fan because SWATH's Johnny Harris was in it.  I don't know if I would have watched it if it wasn't for Harris, but that is what got my attention.  Being a Sci-Fi fan, the premise appeared to be interesting by itself. 

Then I began seeing the fan reactions about the program on Twitter.  After the first episode aired, fans went ballistic.  I just had to see what they saw because of what they were describing.  It sound that interesting and really good. 

(whispers): So, a wonderful SWATH fan heard my pleas and kindly sent me the first episode over this thing called the Internet.  Then..."Boom!!!" I was drawn in like a tornado funnel sucking up a tree.  I saw the first episode and it was like eating a good slice of chocolate cake...I needed more and there was no more.

Every week I would look at our Twitter timeline to get the reactions of the fans that were tweeting Johnny Harris about what they had seen in that night's episode.  Fans were going crazy each week. I had to sit here across the pond and just take in the excitement because I couldn't see it here.  I was literally bouncing off of walls.

Then BBC America put it on its programming this past January.  Although it was edited for television viewing over here, we still saw the series and missed nothing. 


The series ended without us knowing what over-the-top action Neil was going to take next to rid the earth of The Fades...whether Paul and Neil would ever work together again...if Paul would have even more Angelic powers and become the leader taking Neil under his wings...if Mac and Paul's sister become a couple...what the Fades will do next...and...

Mac...oh, Mac the funny, loyal, loving friend to Paul who entertained us with his introductions every week ending with "Na-nu, na-nu" which kids today have absolutely no clue where that comes from.

Now we will never know what happened to Neil, Paul, Mac, and The Fades...

(Fade to black)

Editorial written by Dancerone
Upset 'Fades Fan'

The Metro source via @malenacasey

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