Wednesday, April 25, 2012


"Do you feel like the producers kept some of your real life personality into your characters or are your characters completely different from you?"

SWATH dwarfs Nick Frost and Johnny Harris tackle this fan question to provide cerebral insight into how the actors developed their dwarf characters.

There were a couple of revealing bits with this answer as  Johnny Harris talks about the relationships of the dwarfs. 

Harris revealed that Bob Hoskins is his father and about the reverence for the more seasoned actors. He also discussed rehearsals and how the dwarfs naturally paired off. 

Both Harris and Frost reveal that Director Rupert Sanders allowed the actors to develop their characters.  Although Frost doesn't consider himself distinguished enough to take that leap (rolls eyes), these gentlemen definitely have the experience to put their own twist into the character to make it their own. 

It will be delightful to see.  Listen to Nick and Johnny discuss character development for the dwarfs in the video above.


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