Monday, April 16, 2012


You to can get your hands on the very camera that took the still photos during the production of Snow White and the Huntman. The camera that saw the beauty of Snow White and the Queen and the handsomeness of the Huntsman and Prince. 

Still photographer Alex Bailey is selling his Nikon D3 12.1 mega pixel camera used to take the film's still photos.  The starting bid is at 1,500 pounds which roughly translates to $2,380 U.S. dollars. Full description is as follows:

This camera is being sold by Alex Bailey – Movie stills Photographer.

I am selling my Nikon D3. This camera was bought 3 years ago direct from Nikon. I had it serviced in September last Year at Nikon Kingston, UK. Pl Since then the camera has only been used on one assignment last autumn: Snow White and the Huntsman which I finished last December, the camera has not been used since. I pride myself with the way I look after my equipment and would not sell anything I was not 100% confident about. Please see my seller’s profile.

This camera has spent the last 18 months only being used in my Blimp: This is a sound proof box that makes a stills camera silent. The benefit of his is it is also very well protected, hence why the body is in such good condition. Actuations: When it was serviced last September the count was 48694. Since then I have shoot about 2000 frames on it so the actuations are about 50500. I asked Nikon about this recently. The D3 is tested to 300,000. So this camera is only a sixth into is life and to date has been serviced twice by Nikon.

I will send a copy of the last receipt for service with the camera. The only thing I am not sure about is the software it came with it. I have so many discs now, not sure which one it is!!! I checked on the Nikon web site I believe you can download all software supplied with a camera any way? And besides the software isn’t much help you really NX2 or similar etc.! I can provide a VAT invoice with this camera as well. Just to be clear the final bid price includes the VAT. Just if you are VAT registered you can claim it. Makes it 20% cheaper. Good luck.

Bids can be made on Ebay. Bidding closes in less than 6 days.

Read more about Alex here where he discussed SWATH.

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