Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Charlize Theron is looking a bit different these days especially after her SWATH and Prometheus promotion tours.  Taking on the role of 'Furiosa' in the new Mad Max film entitled Mad Max: Fury Road, she clearly is ready for the part. 

Warner Bros.
The original Mad Max series starring Mel Gibson is set in a desolate futuristic post-apocalyptic world where the remaining humans kill 
and/or barter over the simple things of life such as gasoline, water and food in order to survive while new political regimes try to take over the world.  Theron is showing that continuation of the look of the original film.

Warner Bros.

Filming begins filming in her homeland of Africa in July.  It will be interesting for Mad Max fans to see the film without Gibson being featured who mad the role famous.  Max will be played by Tom Hardy. 

Charlize with shaved head


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