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Here is an extended fan video of Chris Hemsworth appearance at the Wizard World Philadelphia ComicCon's question and answering session.

The "Did he try to join the Star Trek captain's panel" question is a good one because he was the younger James T. Kirk in the Star Trek reboot.   

Check out his answer and answers to this other questions above. provided a time breakdown of the questions.

Additional fan videos from other angles of the Q & A are added.  And in case you missed it, the encounter with the Huntsman in the original post below. 

-01:25 Did he try to join the Star Trek captains panel
-01:57 What can fans expect on Thor 2
-06:00 What is his dream role
-07:50 Will becoming a father in real life help Thor empathize with Odin [what....?]
-08:57 Discusses the Hulk/Thor fight scene in The Avengers
-10:40 On whether he'll stick to the action genre or look to diversify his acting portfolio
-12:00 His favorite Avengers besides Thor, reveals a humorous bit from the Avengers script regarding the Hulk/Thor fight
-13:00 What it was like working with Joss Whedon
-14:18 Discusses the shawarma scene
-14:50 The difference between playing Thor in his solo film and in The Avengers
-19:00 Says he was more of a science fiction/fantasy reader than a comic book reader
-20:00 Discusses The Avengers bloopers
-22:00 On working with Anthony Hopkins
-23:50 On the physicality of the first Thor film
-25:55 Discusses how he broke into acting
-27:10 Says Batman and Superman were his favorite superheroes growing up
-31:00 Answers the question 'Does Thor have any other brothers that want to destroy the Earth?'
-33:10 Discusses how it feels to be Thor



Original Post Below

A Twilight Convention friend I ran into by chance: @innocentlynik with Chris. 

After battling a bout with something I ate (buttery theater popcorn), I really didn't think I could make it to the Wizard World Philadelphia ComicCon on Saturday to see Chris Hemsworth but I did.  I had to. The Huntsman was there. In my hometown.  I had to be there some how some way. 

So after 1pm, I felt at least strong enough to walk and headed to the Pennsylvania Convention Center in downtown Philly to meet an Aussie in the City of Brotherly was worth the trip.

Because of my late arrival, I missed Chris Hemsworth's "Fan Question and Answer" session but could I still make my photo op? Running through a large convention center to get my wristband, I found out at the ticket booth that I had paid for the Sunday session and not the Saturday session.  The ticket guy was so sweet, as a matter of fact, every convention worker was really sweet and helpful. He saw my photo op ticket was with Chris on Saturday, so he let me in without paying another dime.  So technically, I could have gone on Sunday too but it just wouldn't be ethical.

I asked when Chris's photo op was, he said it ended at 3:30  (it was 3:05) so I still had time.  He added that Chris was also taking duo photos with the man himself, Stan Lee, if I missed it and directed me to go to the photo op booth to see what they could do. The problem was that the photo op was in the back of the convention area and I was still a bit weak.  

Moving as quickly as I could while saying "Excuse me" Lord knows how many times and asking "Where can I find the photo area where Chris Hemsworth would be?" - I ran. Slight headache, stomach still on edge but no one was going to get in between me and the Huntsman.  I've come too far (across a bridge, sprinting up 4 city blocks and half of a convention center all the while thinking should I have carried a backup bag of some sort just in case I got sick again).

There - there it is..the photo op area but no one's in line!  My heart is beating fast...what is going on?  So, I approach another convention guide and he said I was in the right area and Chris was returning.  The schedule had been changed.  He was over in another area taking photos with Stan Lee for a photo op which started early. Whew, I was on time. 

Another lady was there before me and we stood in line together.  I pull out the compact case to make sure I'm not pouring sweat in my photo with Chris. A few more people lined up because the shoot was supposed to end at 3:30.

Then a Philadelphia police officer shows up with a few more people and we knew he was there!  All of the sudden, they started rushing us in.  "Come on, quickly!" they called out because Chris had to get back to the duos.  So we were rushed.  No time to chat.  No frills. Take your photo and leave.  

About the time I put my handbag down, handed in my ticket, I was in and out of his arms before I knew it...I was outside the tent.  

So, here's my first encounter with Mr. Chris Hemsworth:

The curtain pulls back and...there he is. Standing there. Smiling calmly with a twinge of nervousness.  I guess these conventions, especially one this size, can be a bit overwhelming.  He's standing there waiting for the next person to most likely grope him.  Sidebar:  Waiting for my photo with Chris to printout, they were placing out photos from fans and there was one with a woman tanned to the hilt, with the biggest breasts one could ever see.  They had to be F's and I'm not exaggerating.  She's in the tiniest of bikini tops supposedly dressed as some make-shift super hero is my guess and Chris, being the fan friendly person he is, arm around with a smile.  Everyone gasp upon seeing the photo.  I'll just leave my thoughts behind and continue with my encounter...

I'm quickly ushered into the tent.  I placed down my handbag and the ComicCon schedule I was fanning myself with after running what seemed like a mile through the convention center, then remembering every bit of home-training and manners my mother ever taught me which would include not groping strangers...I looked up, smiled, and as friendly and as casual in my most cheerleaderly voice and said, "Hi Chris."  He smiled ear to ear and said, "Hi! How are you?" so enthusiastically and in that Aussie accent.  For the life of me I cannot remember if I said, "Fine" or what. 

Oh yes, I'm fine now.  The bout with buttery popcorn is completely forgotten.  I remember nothing from earlier in the day.  I'm healed. 

Before you know it, I politely wrap my arm around him and he does the same.  The camera shutter goes off and I say, "thank you" and he says something like, "My pleasure." Then I jog quickly to pick up my purse because all of the ushers with a Philadelphia police officer standing post outside the tent are looking at me like, "LET'S GO!" as they pull the exit cover of the tent back. 

Suddenly, Chris and the camera guy are calling me back. "Hey wait, wait! Come back!" as I looked up puzzled. Chris is waving me back with his hand and tells me, "We have to take the picture again."  The camera guy said he was too quick to snap and I had to take another picture.

The world was going in slow motion.  I couldn't think straight.  Are they really asking me to come back, have Chris place his arm around me again and take another photo?  Really?  

I take a breath smiling ear to ear and casually in my most nonchalant voice say, "Ok."

Now mind you, these actions are going so quickly I cannot believe what is going on. You really wanting me to go back and stand next to this 6 foot 4, with a voice-to-die-for hunk of a man and I'm supposed to say what? "No?" 

So I scoot back over to Chris and we do the photo op ritual all over again. "Snap!" Camera guy says, "It's good."  I say, "thank you" to Chris again, he says something really sweet back that I cannot remember because I'm being ushered out quickly...AGAIN. 

Curtain closes, Philadelphia cop stands post and I'm done. 

This encounter may have been 30 seconds in total with both photos.  It felt like a blink of an eye. I have to say that I like the Twilight Convention photo ops a lot better. They feel more personal even though we are moved along, it did not seem like a cattle call.  But everyone was really nice and polite at the ComicCon but it was just too too fast. 

Later, my photo with Mr. Stan Lee and with Chris was quick as in and run out.  Chris was nice as usual.  Mr. Lee was nice as well.  They had him sitting in a chair.  Comic book royalty and I met him.  It was an honor. 


Unfortunately because I was late, my geeking heart missed Star Wars' Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) and C3PO (Anthony Daniels).  But I was one of the few and lucky fans to be in the presence of every captain of the Star Trek series that ever was! William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk) , Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) , Avery Brooks (Captain Benjamin Sisko, Kate Mulgrew (Captain Kathryn Janeway) and Scott Bakula (Captain Jonathan Archer). 

To see them all lined up signing autographs as a fan of Star Trek it was amazing.  Also, this is the first time they were all gathered at one time. It has never happened before. To get a photo with them all would have cost you $450.  But if a fan was lucky to get it, it would be worth every dime.

I was still lucky enough to meet a few of my favorites:

William Shatner (Captain Kirk) who doesn't personalize autographs.

Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) who told me he was a bit tired after I asked him "how was he doing" plus you couldn't shake his hand due to arthritis so the sign said.  

Jason Priestly walked by me and I almost didn't recognize him because for a huge heart-throb I didn't expect him to be so short.  At least short to me and I'm 5'6.

Saw the original Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, and some other actors in Sci-fi films and shows that I'm not familiar with but they were having a good time with their fans. 

On my way out I saw Erin Gray! I am a huge Buck Rogers fan so to meet Colonel Wilma Deering was just so cool. She was so sweet.  Had to stop by and get an autograph. She's a Buck Rogers TV legend. By the way, she personalized my autograph. 

The highlight of all my purchases was getting a Tribble. If I have to explain what that is, you're no Trekkie.

One of the coolest geekiest things I did was reciprocating the "Live Long and Prosper" Vulcan sign to a really cute friendly merchant who I was talking to. When I was about to leave he raised his hand presented it to me.  In all my years I've never had a guy give me the Vulcan sign as a way of saying "good-bye, nice meeting you" but it's a first time for everything. 

In all, it was a nice outing regardless of my precarious beginning.  Chris Hemsworth was a darling.  The fans were gushing all over him.  When he was signing autographs, fans were not allowed to take photographs of him (because you pay for the photo ops).  However, although the ushers admonished us, they did not stop us from taking the photos. Chris would look up and smile and wave at us.  The ladies screamed. The guys screamed.  Oh, you thought the men were not screaming...think again lol.

One guy even said, "I know he's a dude but damn I think he's hot too!  I'm flustered along with you."  Everyone laughed.

My final Hemsworth treat was free and as simple as it can get.  After Chris finished the autographs and was walking away being chased by adoring fans, I walked towards the signing table.  It's empty with a few workers cleaning up.  I excused myself and asked, " Are these the pens that Chris was signing with?"  The worker said they were and I asked if I could have the Sharpie and he said, "Yes! Go ahead."  

So I reached on the table, took an opened Sharpie and placed the top back on it so I will always remember how Chris turned a really bad day into a good one.

Below are photos of my experience. I tried to take out as many blurry ones as possible and give you the best ones I have.  I was a pretty far distance away.  The 'ol Kodak did a pretty good job although we were not supposed to be taking photos.  Plus with everyone bumping into each other, not in a mean way in order to get their own photos of the stars, well you can understand how a couple can be a bit blurry.  

I also tried to take video. However, the elbow room was kind of tight therefore when I pressed the button to start, I was hit and had to stop recording.  The brief seconds of recording are posted below along with him waving as he was about to leave.  

A couple of other videos were located of his arrival and of a child asking him a question which is adorable. 

Hope you enjoy them.  


Click to enlarge

Chris Hemsworth at autograph signing

Chris done with signing. Leaving the area. Fans are screaming & he waves.

Where Chris was sitting & where I got the Sharpie.

Here are a couple videos I found on YouTube of his 
arrival and appearance



Jedi Fighter Exhibition

A photo of the Evil Queen was being sold.

Lots of stars. Sam Trammell from True Blood was there.

Star Wars was represented. Peter Mayhew and Jedi stunt coordinator 
Nick Gillard who is sitting with the baseball cap.

Jeremy Bullock the original Boba Fett 

Paul Wesley from Vampire Diaries

Melissa Joan Heart, Jason Priestley & 
famous character actor James Hong

Dean Cain

Lou Ferrigno the original Hulk speaking with fans. 
Anthony Michael Hall's booth next to him.

Scott Bakula - Star Trek Captain

Avery Brooks - Star Trek Captain

Patrick Stewart - Star Trek Captain

William Shatner - Star Trek Captain

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