Friday, June 29, 2012


Kristen Stewart has been in Paris this weekend preparing to be the face of Balenciaga's new fragrance which is named "Florabotannica."    

A mouthful to say the least, this new fragrance will begin its campaign with Stewart this September.  Stewart tells Women's Wear Daily that she was not one for wearing her mother's perfume but she likes this fragrance.

“I’m very lucky that I like the fragrance, because I would have done anything with [Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière],” continued the 22-year-old. “And I’m a terrible liar.”

Stewart said she was relieved the first time she smelled Florabotanica.

“There is something natural about it,” explained Stewart. “It’s very alive. I think that as a young person wearing it — considering that I’ve never worn a scent — it kind of puts you on this level of, like, ‘Whoa, check me out.’

The fragrance itself is based upon a duality.  
Ghesquière  sees Stewart in the same way, "gorgeous and boyish". The fragrance is based upon scents from a garden being both "nice" and "nasty" flowers. 

Read more about Stewart and the fragrance here. ”

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Fragrance photo source via @malenacasey

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