Sunday, June 3, 2012


Kristen Stewart has won the golden popcorn in both categories she was nominated for the MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles tonight.  Stewart also presented Best Female Performance alongside SWATH's Chris Hemsworth.  Charlize Theron also presented but with her Prometheus co-star Michael Fassbender. 

Although Twilight fans were a bit perturbed regarding the lack of nominations, it is clear that Twilight may have won more than the nominations tendered. 

Stewart won for Best Kiss along with Robert Pattinson who was unable to attend due to the promotion of his film 'Cosmopolis'. 

Stewart also won along with her castmates for 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1."   Stewart was reunited with her 'Panic Room' co-star and Academy Award-winner Jodie Foster, as she presented the award for Movie of the Year.  

In Stewart's acceptance speech, she took issue with being asked during the SWATH promotion tour if she was happy to distance herself away from "Twilight" [franchise] and she just said for them to "Shut up! What are you talking about?!"  

Stewart has always expressed being proud of her work in the Twilight franchise.  This should leave no doubt about how she feels.

She continued, "This really means a lot [the award]...and I know that we've been here for a while so really, thank you," then she proceeded to high-five Twilight Producer Wycke Godfrey.

Earlier, Stewart presented the Best Female Performance award alongside SWATH's on Chris Hemsworth. Then accepted her Best Kiss Award solo and proceeded to pretend to kiss herself after asking and not receiving help for kissing assistance from Hemsworth, Theron and her Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner.  And finally, she accepted the Movie of the Year with her castmates and producer. 

Charlize Theron presented the Best Fight award with her 'Prometheus' co-star Michael Fassbender.   In a delightfully funny skit, Fassbender put down females as being soft and non-fighters and Theron proceeded to beat him to the floor. 

It was a good night for Stewart and SWATH representation.  Congrats Kristen!

Source: Erik Odom (Twilight Star) -Kristen giving acceptance speech for Movie of the Year

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Video source: MTV

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