Tuesday, June 19, 2012


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Last year around this time, we were celebrating the prince for an entire week leading up to his birthday posting our favorite photos like the one above (which we so love).  This time we're going to let @SamClaflinFans take the lead.

In celebration of Sam Claflin a.k.a. Prince William's birthday, @SamClaflinFans wants fans from around the world to send in a birthday video.  You can do it quick just using your camera phone and sending it in!

Here's how it works!

"Sam's fans from all around the world can participate to this birthday project. Thus,...make a little video (max 15 sec) of you leaving him birthday wishes (we could mention your twitter on the video if you have one), and send us the video (samclaflinfans@gmail.com) before june 22th

Don't forget to mention where you come from :) ...we will tweet him the link for his birthday on june 27th ! Please don't be shy, don't hesitate, do it for Sam! Let's show him the love! - Val [Sam Claflin Fansite]"

This birthday project sounds so exciting.  You can even be creative and say a line of his used in Snow White and the Huntsman.  Be creative and have fun in your 15 seconds. Sam will get a kick out of it. 

So make a video for the prince and send it to samclaflinfans@gmail.com.  Hurry!!!

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