Thursday, June 7, 2012


How cool is this?!  Here is SWATH release information on an  advertisement painted onto the steps of the theater or stenciled or however they did it. 

@Wonderlustlist sent this to us to inform us that SWATH will be opening in Sweden tomorrow.  We've seen some inventive ways of advertising SWATH.  From the ComicCon presentation prior to filimg to banners painted onto the sides of a NY City tour bus.

This has been one amazing roll out of a film.  So far, one fan confessed to seeing it 10 times so far.  How many times will you see it or have seen it? Tweet or email us pictures of all your ticket stubs you've collected showing how many times you've seen SWATH and we'll share a few of them with the fans.  

Thanks again @Wonderlustlist and have fun watching #SWATH.

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